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I. Introductory

This guide is for new and infrequent users of the Olin Portal ( It is designed to help you access and change your password; as well as show you how to navigate the portal once you have logged in. Once authenticated, you have access to more detailed navigation tools and user guides.

II. How to Login

You should have received a username and password when you joined the Olin community. Please navigate to and enter this information in the following login screen:

Olin College issues two types of accounts depending on your role. Permanent community members such as students, alumni and employees have accounts that needs to be managed external to the portal via the Password Management link provided in the sidebar. For the rest of the community members such as student's parents, you have access to the "I forgot my password" tool in the portal. You can also change your password in the portal. This built-in password reminder and management tool is described later in this quick start.

III. How to Navigate

After you successfully login, please select the Our Community tab. The default page in this tab has most areas identified for your convenience. However, you can always use the Search tool located in the left side-bar if you needed to find a more specific item within the Portal. This search tool is sensitive to your current context such as whether you are logged in or not and what your roles are, as well as the levels of administrative access you may have been granted.


IV. How to Logout

The Logout option is located in the top right corner. However, your session will also timeout automatically after a predefined period of inactivity.

V. Password Management

If so desired, parents and trustees can self-service your password from within the Portal, as follows:
First, you open the "Personal Info" feature located at the top right corner.



Next, you select the Password tab within the "My Info - Manage Password" window. You will see the password management options as shown below:



Now, select the ‘Password Hint’ link and set up your hint question and your answer before attempting to revise your password.  Once you have completed setting up your password hint, then you can change your password. 
If next time you want to login and you enter a wrong password you are prompted with the "I forgot my password" link.  The system will email you a new password after you enter the correct answer to the challenge question you have setup as illustrated below:

Home | Welcome to

Username: johndoe 

If you have forgotten your password, we can generate a new one and send it to your e-mail address. If you select
this option, your old password will no longer work.
What is my pet's name?

VI. Additional Help

Once you login, you can search for "Guide" to see more information about your use of this portal.